Customer feedback from Bernard L.

Hi Neil,

Just letting you know that I have received the guitar. Please allow me to give you some feedback that your prospective clients may find helpful.

1. I would like to thank you for your kindness and your generosity in spend time showing me your guitars virtually as I was not able to visit you personally. I am all the more grateful because you did all this with your injured fingers.

2. Your knowledge and expertise is extensive and refreshing. Thank you for sharing your personal journey with me. Very interesting. You were able to tease out what I wanted and steered me towards guitars that I might appreciate.

3. I know that you were only using your iPhone to show me the guitars, but the differences amongst them were very obvious. Even though the Sakamoto was described by you as a ‘quiet’ guitar, I think the volume is actually really loud, perhaps not was bright as a solid spruce top grand concert model, but certainly loud enough. What I really like is the complexity and the fullness of the sound. The sustain is phenomenal and there is excellent note separation and balance between the treble and the bass. It just sounds amazing! It is also eminently playable.

All in all it was an extremely positive experience and I would highly recommend your service and your collection of guitars to anyone.

Thanks again Neil.

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