Valerie from Oregon USA with a custom Kodaira Asturias AST-30L (1981) short scale Classical guitar

Neil !!!!!
I am so excited!!! The guitar just arrived. We are covered in snow here but the box didn't feel too cold so I opened it.
Oh my gosh!! This is a beautiful guitar!!! I left the loose string tension as you had set it but tuned the strings to the standard EADGBE relationship. 
What a unique warm, round and generous sound, not to mention the sustain. So very appealing and so hard to put down! I am looking forward to many enjoyable hours of musing, wandering about the fretboard, becoming acquainted, listening, discovering. 
To me this guitar really reflects the care you put into it. I am so very happy to have it come into my life.
Thank you for the string advice and for finding a case. Because it is so dry here my instruments live in their cases along with the Boveda humidity system. I will take good care of it and love every minute of playing it.
You are the best! Thank you!
Hi Neil,
It is nearing bedtime for me. I have been musing about on this most wonderful guitar.
I have it tuned B F# B E G# C#. It gives such a rich, warm sound. So responsive to vibrato.
I love to relax in the evening in this way. You can maybe tell I am a little sleepy looking. Also I am trying to take this photo myself. A little awkward.
If you can use this photo please do. 

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