Custom made Classical Guitar Bone Saddle

Custom made Classical Guitar Bone Saddle

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The saddle is one of the most important components in a guitar. 
It determines the action which is how high the strings are from the fretboard. Too high an action and it’s very difficult to play, too low and the strings will buzz. 

A good quality saddle will also improve the sound and the tone of a guitar.

Saddles are made from a variety of material. 
The best ones are made cow bone. They are more time consuming to make and to adjust but it’s totally worth it. 

Professional guitarists normally have 2-3 different saddles for each guitar depending on the string type and gauge they use. 

For people who come into my workshop, I make the different saddles based on the original one the same day. 
For long distance customers, I ask them to send me their original saddle so I can make the different versions from the original one.

I make saddles the same day I receive the orders so you should get your new saddles back as quickly as possible.  

Please contact me to find out how to measure your guitar string action.