Matsuoka M25 - Customer feedback by Stewart

Hi Neil,

this morning – my new guitar arrived (almost called it your guitar there).

Don’t take offense at my language – however – holy fucking flying duckshit.

I did not expect the guitar to have the projection or sound quality it has. Simply perfect.

I’ve played some good guitars in the past and recently – my go to guitar is an Alhambra 10fp I picked up for a song in HongKong decade plus  back – had setup properly. Nice guitar but doesn’t hold a candle to the m25. Closest is likely a Ramirez 1a friend owned I tinkled on – I think maybe the 1a was better but that could be guitar snobbery. A good 1a would be 5 times the price though likely. 

Great presentation and great sound.

Thanks for your skill and expertise you’ve obviously put into this guitar.

Its great 



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