About Us

Rare, unique & priceless.

Welcome to my humble music store.
Here you'll find pre-loved musical instruments that I've collected through the years, and I have collected many over 35 years.

The biggest part of my collection are the classical guitars as I studied classical guitar at the University of Melbourne.  I love and collect Japanese classical guitars as they are the best value for money in terms of value and craftmenship.

Luthiers such as Masaru Kohno, Ryoji Matsuoka, Yairi, Yukinobu and Takamine were true masters. They used to work in small family run workshops and often work together.  They put all their passion, heart and soul into making these guitars and as such I consider them work of art.

You'll also find my students' pre-loved instruments. they are affordable and perfect for beginners.

Please feel free to send me any questions,
​and if you are local, drop in to try out the instruments.

Neil Ta.